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MEET Emily and Hillary: coffee bean toting globe trotters

Do you ever browse the shelves of your local grocery store or Starbucks wishing there was a more interesting way to get your morning caffeine fix?  Look no further.  The FEED has found coffee that makes a difference.  Meet Emily and Hillary.  In addition to allowing us to conduct our first-ever Skype interview (Emily lives in NYC), these ladies are revolutionizing the concept of community supported agriculture as a global system of fair and direct trade. They spend part of their year in the Dominican Republic talking to farmers and the other part telling the world about awesome coffee. Best of all, you can have their tasty beans delivered to your door! So pour a cup and read on to meet Liga Masiva.
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MEET Taria, Ashley & Joshua: crafty confectioners and earth shattering entrepreneurs

Do you find yourself craving a candy bar?  How about craving social change?  Well, we have uncovered a way to combine the two.  Whether you are looking to satisfy a craving or to find a meaningful party favor, you should meet the folks at Sugar-coated Radical.  Taria, Ashley and Joshua are working hard to create a shift in consumer consciousness here in Atlanta.  From the crazy (and awesome) flavors of their confection, the handmade design elements of their store and displays, to the fair trade sourced ingredients that permeate everything they do, Sugar-coated Radical is a great addition to Atlanta.  Grab some of their chocolate goods and prepare to meet them. Read more

MEET Wink: providers of literary lessons and champions of youth

Atlanta schools are in trouble.  From cheating scandals to failing test scores, local kids don’t have many bright spots in their days.  Meet the team at Wink Atlanta; Jake, Jessie and Jessica.  They know kids need help.  They also know kids don’t always like learning.  These creative folks are helping Atlanta kids learn their basic writing skills while having fun and building confidence.  And who doesn’t like that?  We sat down with the team behind Wink to learn what it takes to become literary gurus for today’s youth. Read more

MEET Jennifer Lester: recovering interior designer and current nonprofit leader

What does art, community service and international travel have in common?  One Love Generation, thats what.  Jennifer Lester has found a way to combine her passions and pass them on to a new generation of crafty, energetic and talented youth.  When she isn’t busy preparing for a One Love gallery show (like the one next week) or tracking down new mentors for the kids, she is coming up with creative ideas to keep the organization funded, like the Date Auction hosted earlier this year.  We were lucky to find Jennifer in the OLG offices at Goat Farm for a quick talk about what makes her so dedicated. Read more

MEET Elizabeth and Lilly: local explorers and podcast connoisseurs

Do you have family visiting and need a new set of sight seeing to take them on?  Have you ever wanted to get to know your city better?  Tired of the free samples at the World of Coke being Atlanta’s claim to fame?  Meet Elizabeth and Lilly of Out There Atlanta.  Their weekly podcasts help listeners delve into the lesser known attractions, happenings and oddities that make up the real Atlanta.  We sat down with the ladies behind the show to find out what keeps them motivated to bring you the latest and greatest Atlanta has to offer. Read more

MEET Ashley Rouse: mom, farm-to-school advocate and healthy food farmer

If you have visited any of Atlanta’s organic farms, it is likely that Ashley Rouse has been there too.  From seed bombing the soon-to-be city hall community garden, helping care for the Oakleaf Mennonite Farm, to assisting Georgia Organics with farm to school programs, Ashley really gets around the local organic food movement.  We visited Oakleaf one warm morning to discover what inspires her dedication to such a tasty cause, and of course to test out some fresh veggies straight from the farm!
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MEET Daniel: tango dancing promoter of tolerance

The world could use a little more peace and understanding.  A new organization doing just that is growing here in Atlanta.  Daniel Shorr was inspired by his past experience with the former National Conference for Communities and Justice and is moving forward to reconstitute this organization as BUDS, Building Understanding.  The FEED sat down with Daniel to find out what motivates him to spread greater understanding and tolerance among today’s youth. Read more

MEET Brittany Grace: good-food crafter and mobile bodega builder

Have you ever been on the go and wished for something easy to eat yet oh-so-healthy?  Well, kiss the days of calling a McSalad a healthy and quick meal and say hello to the wonderfully tasty, perfectly affordable, and cutely portable goods of Brittany Grace Shiver.  Brittany runs Grace’s Goodness, a sustainable food business spreading its treats across town in environmentally friendly reusable mason jars (she even has a financial incentive to return your empty containers!).  We recently tasted her wares while talking shop about what inspires this self-made chef to take on convention with her food. Read more

MEET Dantes: bassoonist, youth mentor and well-traveled nonprofit founder

What does the Venezuelan Orchestra have in common with a local Atlantan?  Dantes Rameau started off as a talented classical musician.  As if that wasn’t a big enough aspiration, he now heads the Atlanta Music Project, a youth mentoring program that puts instruments and power in the hands of Atlanta’s underserved students in some of the most marginal communities.  He took his inspiration from an awesome Venezuelan program that had a proven track record and an even bigger international fan club.  We sat down with this young man to find out what causes his incredible drive.  Read more

MEET Jeremy and Susannah: entrepreneurial journalists and arts enthusiasts

The arts are alive and kicking in Atlanta.  And Burnaway, Atlanta’s online arts information magazine, is bringing you news from the front lines.  Founded in 2008, Burnaway features arts criticism, event reviews and interesting perspectives on the creative happenings of our city.  The FEED sat down with founders Jeremy Abernathy and Susannah Darrow to find out what inspires them to be so creative. Read more