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Posts from the ‘Social Good’ Category

MEET Ashley Rouse: mom, farm-to-school advocate and healthy food farmer

If you have visited any of Atlanta’s organic farms, it is likely that Ashley Rouse has been there too.  From seed bombing the soon-to-be city hall community garden, helping care for the Oakleaf Mennonite Farm, to assisting Georgia Organics with farm to school programs, Ashley really gets around the local organic food movement.  We visited Oakleaf one warm morning to discover what inspires her dedication to such a tasty cause, and of course to test out some fresh veggies straight from the farm!
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MEET Daniel: tango dancing promoter of tolerance

The world could use a little more peace and understanding.  A new organization doing just that is growing here in Atlanta.  Daniel Shorr was inspired by his past experience with the former National Conference for Communities and Justice and is moving forward to reconstitute this organization as BUDS, Building Understanding.  The FEED sat down with Daniel to find out what motivates him to spread greater understanding and tolerance among today’s youth. Read more

MEET Brittany Grace: good-food crafter and mobile bodega builder

Have you ever been on the go and wished for something easy to eat yet oh-so-healthy?  Well, kiss the days of calling a McSalad a healthy and quick meal and say hello to the wonderfully tasty, perfectly affordable, and cutely portable goods of Brittany Grace Shiver.  Brittany runs Grace’s Goodness, a sustainable food business spreading its treats across town in environmentally friendly reusable mason jars (she even has a financial incentive to return your empty containers!).  We recently tasted her wares while talking shop about what inspires this self-made chef to take on convention with her food. Read more

MEET Dantes: bassoonist, youth mentor and well-traveled nonprofit founder

What does the Venezuelan Orchestra have in common with a local Atlantan?  Dantes Rameau started off as a talented classical musician.  As if that wasn’t a big enough aspiration, he now heads the Atlanta Music Project, a youth mentoring program that puts instruments and power in the hands of Atlanta’s underserved students in some of the most marginal communities.  He took his inspiration from an awesome Venezuelan program that had a proven track record and an even bigger international fan club.  We sat down with this young man to find out what causes his incredible drive.  Read more

MEET Becca Posey: social enterprise supporter and destroyer of robots

Have you ever noticed someone around town who seems to “do it all”? Well, meet Becca Posey.  Becca can be found leading the Atlanta chapter of Acumen Fund, hanging out with the World Affairs Council of Atlanta, working as a nonprofit consultant and helping her husband fend off world-destroying robots who have a weakness for ice cream.   We managed to get a few minutes of her time for a FEED interview. Read more

MEET Jessica: lover of arts, cheerleader for justice

Did you know that strip clubs in Atlanta make more revenue than those in Vegas? Did you also know that Atlanta is a sex trafficking hub?  Jessica Reis knows.  She also knows that effective collaboration and communication can make a difference in the fight to end human trafficking in and around Atlanta.  We sat down with Jessica to learn more about Meet Justice, a growing organization using cutting edge communications techniques (think graphic novels) to end this often overlooked issue.  Meet Jessica of Meet Justice.  Read more

MEET Protip: homeless advocate and social enterprise explorer

When most people hear United Way, the envision the household name, locally operated workplace giving and service organization.  Here in Atlanta Protip Biswas is shaking things up at the United Way Regional Commission on Homelessness by exploring the ins and outs of social enterprise.  He sat down to tell us about his recent Social Enterprise Colloquium and what he hopes the future of social enterprise will look like in Atlanta. Read more

MEET Chandra Farley: architectural maven and AFHA organizer.

Chandra heads the Atlanta chapter of Architecture for Humanity, an all volunteer group aiming to join architects and those interested in architecture with meaningful projects for those in need. She sat down with the FEED for an in-depth look at her organization and its impact. From creating the awesome and useful to theorizing about the endless possible, AFHA aims to take architecture to the next level of good, impacting Atlanta and beyond. Read more

MEET Justin: Musician and budding philanthropist

Justin Newton is a musician and budding philanthropist.  Drumming in the local band This Piano Plays Itself, he can often be found at local gigs or in his bands tour bus taking to the road.  Earlier this spring Justin decided to use his musical connections to make a difference, starting a small-scale fundraising event bring together music, food and community building. We sat down with him to find out how he got started. Read more

MEET Melonie: FEED editor-in-chief, nonprofit consigliere and art enthusiast

Need a nonprofit guru and consigliere?  Look no further.  Melonie aims to learn as much about as many awesome nonprofit organizations as possible.  With a Masters in Nonprofit Management, she has spent considerable time working with organizations of various sizes; hosting special events, developing programs, and managing Boards.  In addition to her nonprofit work she can be found crafting up-cycled goods for her home or painting away her evenings. Read more