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VISIT The Foundation Center Atlanta

Posted in Visit Places

Have you ever sat around thinking, “How and where do I get funding for my idea to make Atlanta better?”- then the Foundation Center Atlanta is the place to go.  Located in the first floor of the Hurt Building (with pay parking available across the street and easy access via MARTA’s Five Points Station), the Foundation Center houses a plethora of resources and information to help you get started and stay sustainable.  From an extensive library of how-to books to a large online database of grant making organizations and their requirements, the Foundation Center has what you need. The staff is well equipped to answer questions- whether you need...

The Issue of Access, Part I

Posted in Discover Opinions

Food trucks, urban farming, and the Beltline.  These things have taken Atlanta by storm as of late.  They are grabbing the attention of both the local and national media and rocketing Atlanta up the hip-city totem pole.  That is great. As evidenced by this weeks vandalization of DH Stanton Park in Peoplestown, there are deep-rooted problems in our city that new surface programs can’t fix.  Atlanta city government- and its citizens- are spending money on attractive projects and programs but failing to address some of our basic city-wide issues.  Falling property values, abandoned and blighted properties, failing schools, high crime and widening socio-economic divides.  Investing in parks is great,...

VISIT the Goat Farm

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On a perfect spring day I had the privilege of touring the Goat Farm in Atlanta’s West Midtown area.  This curious space is one part dilapidated warehouse, one part urban farm and one part beautifully awesome.  Rumor has it that this space was once owned and guarded by a notorious recluse who chased would-be developers off with a shotgun.  Now this urban oddity is an idyllic yet still clandestine space, home to artists, musicians and small nonprofits.  The new owners of the space have grand plans to develop an affordable live-work-play environment attracting creative talent from all walks of life.  They are keeping development to a minimum; instead of...

A Wonderful Mind, A Tragic Loss

Posted in Discover Opinions

In lieu of our usual topics this week, the FEED has chosen to honor a great loss to the Atlanta community in hopes that this tragedy will help fuel more good works and creativity. Over the Memorial Day weekend Liam Rattray was killed in Little Five Points.  Every holiday weekend the authorities warn us to be careful, to not drink and drive, but a few stories of lives tragically ended always emerge.  This weekend was no different. Although all deaths are tragic, the loss of Liam Rattray is especially poignant to the FEED Atlanta.  Our own Mike Lorey recently sat on a speakers panel with him at the Hub,...

VISIT Krog Street Tunnel: a street art haven

Posted in Visit Places

  Although not a traditional resource space, the Krog Street Tunnel has become a must-use Eastside message board.  Travel along Krog Street between Dekalb Avenue and Wylie Street in the Inman Park/Cabbagetown corridor and you will find a looming tunnel covered in graffiti.  At first it may seem like a sign of a bad neighborhood or even an indecipherable mess of fading street art, but look closer.  Event planners, bands, neighborhood associations and the like have begun using the walls of this strange tunnel to tell passer-bys about their up and coming events.  This tunnel, meant to provide an underpass for Krog Street to pass beneath the railroad tracks...

The Atlanta Narrative

Posted in Discover Opinions

Growing up as a  kid from Atlanta’s sprawling suburbs, I for many years viewed “the city” as a place that was foreign. It was a place that my family and I ventured for doctor’s appointments and Braves games, or for the occasional school field trip. It was flyover-territory, so to speak, for long drives to relatives or vacation, but little else. In fact by the time I moved into the Georgia State dorms at the age of 18 in ’02, I probably couldn’t find my way from Downtown to Midtown without a map. Despite living in the defined limits of Metro Atlanta my entire life, Atlanta proper might as...