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MEET Jeremy and Susannah: entrepreneurial journalists and arts enthusiasts

The arts are alive and kicking in Atlanta.  And Burnaway, Atlanta’s online arts information magazine, is bringing you news from the front lines.  Founded in 2008, Burnaway features arts criticism, event reviews and interesting perspectives on the creative happenings of our city.  The FEED sat down with founders Jeremy Abernathy and Susannah Darrow to find out what inspires them to be so creative. Read more

MEET Becca Posey: social enterprise supporter and destroyer of robots

Have you ever noticed someone around town who seems to “do it all”? Well, meet Becca Posey.  Becca can be found leading the Atlanta chapter of Acumen Fund, hanging out with the World Affairs Council of Atlanta, working as a nonprofit consultant and helping her husband fend off world-destroying robots who have a weakness for ice cream.   We managed to get a few minutes of her time for a FEED interview. Read more

VISIT The Foundation Center Atlanta

Have you ever sat around thinking, “How and where do I get funding for my idea to make Atlanta better?”- then the Foundation Center Atlanta is the place to go.  Located in the first floor of the Hurt Building (with pay parking available across the street and easy access via MARTA’s Five Points Station), the Foundation Center houses a plethora of resources and information to help you get started and stay sustainable.  From an extensive library of how-to books to a large online database of grant making organizations and their requirements, the Foundation Center has what you need. The staff is well equipped to answer questions- whether you need to know if you qualify for a grant or need to find out who else might be doing work like yours. Read more

MEET Jessica: lover of arts, cheerleader for justice

Did you know that strip clubs in Atlanta make more revenue than those in Vegas? Did you also know that Atlanta is a sex trafficking hub?  Jessica Reis knows.  She also knows that effective collaboration and communication can make a difference in the fight to end human trafficking in and around Atlanta.  We sat down with Jessica to learn more about Meet Justice, a growing organization using cutting edge communications techniques (think graphic novels) to end this often overlooked issue.  Meet Jessica of Meet Justice.  Read more

MEET Kris: fantastic bartender, clean water enthusiast and nonprofit founder

Kristopher Eby has traveled the world, from Peru to Indonesia and has come to one conclusion: the world needs a better clean water strategy.  And he is going create it.  His Project Water organization is exploring local and international efforts to provide clean water and water education, aiming to become a leader in the field.  The FEED sat down with this bartender-by-night, water-guru-by-day guy to learn more about this project. Read more

MEET Protip: homeless advocate and social enterprise explorer

When most people hear United Way, the envision the household name, locally operated workplace giving and service organization.  Here in Atlanta Protip Biswas is shaking things up at the United Way Regional Commission on Homelessness by exploring the ins and outs of social enterprise.  He sat down to tell us about his recent Social Enterprise Colloquium and what he hopes the future of social enterprise will look like in Atlanta. Read more

The Issue of Access, Part I

Food trucks, urban farming, and the Beltline.  These things have taken Atlanta by storm as of late.  They are grabbing the attention of both the local and national media and rocketing Atlanta up the hip-city totem pole.  That is great.

As evidenced by this weeks vandalization of DH Stanton Park in Peoplestown, there are deep-rooted problems in our city that new surface programs can’t fix.  Atlanta city government- and its citizens- are spending money on attractive projects and programs but failing to address some of our basic city-wide issues.  Falling property values, abandoned and blighted properties, failing schools, high crime and widening socio-economic divides.  Investing in parks is great, investing in people is better.  Growing organic food is awesome, enhancing food access to under-served populations is better. Read more

MEET Tirza: Bcorp owner and smart tech purveyor

Tirza is CEO and co-founder of the social enterprise, Innovation for People.  As the first B-Corporation in Georgia, the company stays close to its name and continues to innovate  technology solutions for nonprofit and green businesses throughout the nation.  Tirza talks to the FEED about the challenge of staying true to a mission as a social business, and what inspires her to keep going in spite of the challenges. Read more

VISIT the Goat Farm

On a perfect spring day I had the privilege of touring the Goat Farm in Atlanta’s West Midtown area.  This curious space is one part dilapidated warehouse, one part urban farm and one part beautifully awesome.  Rumor has it that this space was once owned and guarded by a notorious recluse who chased would-be developers off with a shotgun.  Now this urban oddity is an idyllic yet still clandestine space, home to artists, musicians and small nonprofits.  The new owners of the space have grand plans to develop an affordable live-work-play environment attracting creative talent from all walks of life.  They are keeping development to a minimum; instead of relying on retail driven business, they thrive on renting practice space, event facilities and artists quarters at reasonable prices to those looking for a quirky and rustic experience. Read more

MEET Chandra Farley: architectural maven and AFHA organizer.

Chandra heads the Atlanta chapter of Architecture for Humanity, an all volunteer group aiming to join architects and those interested in architecture with meaningful projects for those in need.She sat down with the FEED for an in-depth look at her organization and its impact.From creating the awesome and useful to theorizing about the endless possible, AFHA aims to take architecture to the next level of good, impacting Atlanta and beyond. Read more