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Visit Hypepotamus: an amazing and free coworking space

Visit Hypepotamus: an amazing and free coworking space

There is a new place in Midtown creating some very big waves. Hypepotamus, or “hype’ for short, is the brainchild of some very savvy entrepreneurs. Kevin Wallace and Heath Hyneman have spent much of their lives founding and growing technology and online oriented businesses. Both men are native Atlantans having gone to school here and now raising families in the local communities. These guys want Atlanta to become THE place for startups.


The Atlanta startup scene is diverse and growing quickly. From events like Startup Riot, a pitch festival for young tech companies to gain seed funding, to programs like Village Capital, growing the network of businesses working to solve social and environmental issues, Atlanta is definitely on its way to becoming a startup hotspot. The companies and organizations coming out of the startup scene have the chance to bolster our economy and change the landscape of Atlanta. With focuses on things like health, technology and sustainability, startups are attracting a pool of incredible and youthful talent to our city while helping to keep more talented locals intact after college. This means more people calling Atlanta home, people who will invest in the future of our communities.


Here are some great facts.  Hype is a nonprofit coworking space offering free workspace to anyone. This includes students,  entrepreneurs, nonprofits and anyone wanting to escape the coffee house grind. In addition to the free work hours, Hype is becoming a wonderful place to host gatherings, fundraisers, forums and even art shows.  The space is located in the beautiful arcade (downstairs) level of the Biltmore Hotel.  It has awesome herringbone hardwood floors AND cool easy-to-move furniture that you can write on and add stickers to.


If your meet-up, organization or event is looking for a new and exciting place to host something you should check out Hypepotamus. Stop by during their daily hours to browse around or email the Executive Director Scott Henderson