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VISIT the Goat Farm

VISIT the Goat Farm

On a perfect spring day I had the privilege of touring the Goat Farm in Atlanta’s West Midtown area.  This curious space is one part dilapidated warehouse, one part urban farm and one part beautifully awesome.  Rumor has it that this space was once owned and guarded by a notorious recluse who chased would-be developers off with a shotgun.  Now this urban oddity is an idyllic yet still clandestine space, home to artists, musicians and small nonprofits.  The new owners of the space have grand plans to develop an affordable live-work-play environment attracting creative talent from all walks of life.  They are keeping development to a minimum; instead of relying on retail driven business, they thrive on renting practice space, event facilities and artists quarters at reasonable prices to those looking for a quirky and rustic experience.


The Goat Farm boasts: two large event spaces- one used for intimate gatherings and the other set up for larger scale concerts and events; an on-site organic farm complete with chickens and a pot bellied pig; white-walled art spaces perfect for gallery showings, music rehearsals or even classrooms; a community space slash coffee joint with some wonderful antique decor; a breathtaking bluff overlooking the city; cavernous warehouse ruins perfect for shooting some photos or a movie; and room for many more creative features.

This space already plays host to a number of nonprofits including Glo ATL, the Collective Project, and One Love Generation.  For nonprofits and startup projects looking for a welcoming home or a temporary event space, the Goat Farm offers a great resource at a great price.


Located at 1200 Foster Street, behind the Howell Mill retail area housing Star Provisions.  It can be difficult to find a contact person for this space as they prefer to remain out of the public eye. We recommend their Facebook Page.  Despite the signs, the site welcomes well-meaning visitors for a self-guided tour.  Be sure to check out the community space and coffee joint at the rear of the main building (there are signs).  Someone there can usually assist you in whatever you need.


In the past few years this space has hosted underground dinners, weddings, concerts and the awesome movie Stop The Candy Shop.  The Goat Farm is bursting with creativity.  Their Facebook page constantly boasts a long list of events from residence and outsiders alike.  Even if your organization doesn’t need a new office or event space, the Goat Farm should be on your radar as a great weekend destination for hip shows, spectacular art and general fun.